Friday, June 14, 2013

Back to Square One: A Shape Poem

There's nothing like working (make that playing) with children to spark one's creativity. I am currently doing creative writing "enrichment" activities with two home-schooled children. Our focus right now is on poetry. We've been talking about shape poems (or "concrete poems" as they are also called). I have always enjoyed writing poems that have to fit a certain form or "shape" of one kind or another, and so I offer this little gem for your amusement. It's called Back to Square One.

"Back to Square One" by Scotti Cohn

I tried to walk to France today
I turned a corner along the way
I ambled and rambled and hippety-hopped
I hurried and scurried and bippety-bopped
I turned another corner then
And walked until I don't know when
I turned again and what a shock:
I'd only gone around the block!


So, what do you say?